As the leading hair Loss clinic in the Yorkshire area, we at Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic are fully committed to helping all of our clients in solving their hair loss issues. We offer a specialised payment plan called Pay As You Grow™ specifically made to ensure that all of our clients, even those who have some financial concerns, will be given the chance of saying goodbye to their alopecia and similar hair problems in no time at all. We completely understand that, to you, your hair is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your physical appearance. But due to varying reasons, many people tend to experience some serious conditions that make them lose most of their hair.



Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and founded in 2000, our clinic has been providing quality hair replacement services to all our beloved clients for fourteen years. Through our experience in the field of hair loss, we can confidently claim that we are the premier hair replacement clinic. We offer some of the finest procedures that can help you regain your hair’s original splendour, including: Non-surgical grafts Laser hair restoration Micro-pigmentation Volumising FUE/FUT Hair Transplants

Pay As You Grow™

To ensure that even those who have limited budget will be able to solve their hair dilemma, our Pay As You Grow™ payment plan gives you the chance of seeing great changes with your hair with no need to pay right away. Instead, you will be paying little by little as you watch your hair grow longer and better every day. Providing for men, women and children of all ages who have scalp or hair problems, Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic is your number one hair loss clinic where you can expect the best results at a price that you can afford!


We are Proud to Support The Little Princess Trust

For any parent, discovering your child has a serious illness, such as cancer or leukaemia, is devastating. The trauma only worsens, for both parent and child, from having to cope with the side effects of the treatment, particularly hair loss. The Little Princess Trust provides real-hair wigs to children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment. They supply and fully fund the best wigs available from all over the world, specifically designed for children. Providing personal fitting and styling to ensure the wig is as close as possible to the original hair.